Design for a Gothic Entablature

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JFR Fougeron Architecture

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Secret Garden

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Graphic History of Architecture by John Mansbridge

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Southlands Residence, Vancouver, Canada by Dialog

The house is designed around the structural grid established by an earlier residence. While remnants of original footings and columns remain, the Southlands Residence reinterprets the competing notions of privacy and exposure facing the well-travelled location. This is done in part through the use of concrete walls in the landscape, meticulous interior millwork objects, and substantial feature skylights.

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Higashiyama, Kyoto, Japan


Zen Temple_Guest Room

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+ node, Hiroshima, Japan | UID Architects

On the south side of the site there is a rich forest where animals and plans reside and on the back north side where hilly land was developed into a residential area in a tiered platform.The site is located at the node point of such nature and human-made place.There is a thicket spreading over the hill of over 10 meters level deference along the south side from the frontal road.
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